Artec Leo Plus Handheld 3D Scanner - Demo

  • Year: 2022
  • Manufacturer: Artec
  • Model: Leo
  • Serial #: LE.40.60322786

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Included with System:

Artec Leo Plus 3D Handheld Scanner

S/N: LE.40.60322786

The Artec LEO Plus handheld wireless 3D scanner is the first to offer onboard automatic processing with integrated touch panel viewer to free you from being tied to a computer for data capture. With scanning up to 80 frames per second the LEO is the fastest professional scanner on the market. Add to that the larger field of view and data capture is quick and easy while maintaining high accuracy. Data acquisition up to 3 million points/sec., with a working range of .35 – 1.2m. 3D resolution up to .5mm, 3D point accuracy up to .1mm.

All LEO systems include:

LEO scanner, Hard Case, Power cables, Internal battery pack, calibration board and Artec Studio (1 year subscription) software.

System sold “AS IS” on first come basis.  100% payment prior to shipping.


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